Based on a recommendation I came in contact with Willie. My busy lifestyle & packed schedule led to digestive problems, I was tired a lot, and had difficulty sleeping.
Willie really takes the time to explain what she is going to do & why, and is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. She is kind, open-minded and on point. No more bloating and heavy feeling in my tummy. I definitely feel more relaxed, and have more energy. And I now know what I can do myself to get back on track if necessary. What she offers is pretty special.
Ben, Koh Samui (over Chi Nei Tsang traject)


I am very happy to have met Willie & receiving treatments from her. She is very professional, considerate & her sessions are quite unique. Ever since giving birth I was a bit out touch with my body & belly, feeling fatigued and my digestion was off. I feel firmly rooted in my body again, no more bloating, definitely more relaxed and having more energy.
Pown, Koh Samui (over Chi Nei Tsang sessies)


Chi Nei Tsang “Treatment“ is a simply unbelievable and beautiful healing practice. To receive this from someone who practices Qi Gong is incredibly powerful and not to be underestimated.
John (over Chi Nei Tsang)


Na jaren van maag en darm klachten ben ik bij Willie gekomen voor buik massage. Bij mijn tweede behandeling zag ik al resultaten. Ik ervaar Willie als een fijn en sociale persoon die met haar positieve uitstraling jou op je gemaak stelt en je veilig voelt. Ik ben zeer tevreden
Rina, Amstelveen (over Chi Nei Tsang traject)


Dank je wel voor de fijne workshop. De workshop duurde maar 1,5 uur maar in die tijd heeft Willie ons veel uitgelegd over de TCM. En wat is Chi Nei Tsang toch interessant zeg. Ook duidelijk ervaren/ondervonden waar bij mij stagnaties zitten in mn darmen.. erg bijzonder. Nogmaals dank!
Danielle, Amstelveen (over workshop)


Dank je wel Willie, voor de behandeling. Je zachte wijsheid is een weldaad. Ik ben me ervan bewust dat ik de laatste tijd meer aan het verharden was. Tot de volgende x.
Cecile, Amsterdam (over Chi Nei Tsang traject)


Hey Willie, I just wanted to update you on my progress at home
Since I made the treatments with you I have felt an entirely different energy flow in my body and I have so much more energy.
I can’t really put in in words but it really feels like I can feel the energy in a completely different way
Nicole, Sweden (over Chi Nei Tsang traject)


I had several sessions with Willie in the course of a few weeks. My belly used to feel funny and bloated, and I was often feeling tired or lethargic. After the first session my belly and bowel movement improved a lot. Even though it hurt for the first time, the following sessions I felt less pain and more comfortable. My sleep has improved as well. I have more energy throughout the day to keep up with my busy schedule. I can definitely recommend Willie!
Piyawan, Koh Samui (over Chi Nei Tsang traject)


Chi Nei Tsang van Willie heeft mij een enorme rust gebracht. Het heeft bij mij een hele hoop oude emoties verwijderd. Het is ongelofelijk hoeveel er in je buik opgeslagen zit en hoe anders en lekker het voelt al na de eerste behandeling. Tezamen met de Access Bars is er voor mij heel veel vrij gemaakt.
Michel, Alphen aan den Rijn (over Chi Nei Tsang coach programma)


I have to say that Willie was very helpful and always on hand for discussion or just friendly advice which was very reassuring and her knowledge was very helpful especially with my nutritional needs, in the main my nutrition is very good however she gave me some very good advice to further tweak my diet in order for it to be not only beneficial to my body shape but also for longevity and a more gently approach to my digestive system.
Jeff, Dubai UAE (over detox retreat)


Ik heb sinds kort enkele behandelingen Chi Nei Tsang gehad bij Cosmic Chi.
Ben onder de indruk van de professionele behandelingen die ik gehad heb.
Ga hier zeker mee door omdat ik merk dat ik er baat bij heb.
Jan, Rhenen (over Chi Nei Tsang traject)


Dear Willi
I already left, It was and still is very precious. I will keep you in my mind
Michèle, France (over detox retreat)


Dear Willie, thank you so much for all your support these last 5 days.
You are super good at your job, really knowledgeable, and very patient. I felt like I was in great hands all the way through.
Wishing you the very best and will see you back
Love, Natacha xxx (over detox retreat)


Dear Willie,
Apologies for not saying goodbye.
Thank you so much for your help and attention during my detox, which for me ran smoothly, also thank you for the tips you gave me ♥
I had a wonderful experience during my stay. I’m feeling healthy, happy + healed.
Namaste Amanda ♥ xx UK (over detox retreat)